Managing your hotels online reputation is business critical. While it directly impacts both brand & customer engagement, is also has an overwhelming impact on occupancy & revenues.

Key features

  • View your performance sourced across approximately 160 different sources & 25 languages.
  • Track & compare with your immediate competitors
  • Manage & integrate your own guest satisfaction survey
  • Apply semantic analysis on your own or your competitors hotel property to compare pros and cons by department.
  • Optimize your pricing to match your online reputation.


Take control of your website via an industry first solution designed exclusively to manage profitable hotel websites for both independent hotels as well as large chains.

Key features

  • Fully responsive design optimized for all devices to reach your customers
  • Empowers independent hoteliers to monitor all website
    activity in real-time, via a dedicated site dashboard.
  • Hotels chains can access a consolidated view of web activity across all partner hotel sites, via the consolidated
    management dashboard.
  • Pick from a library of optimized designs or have it customized for your hotel by our team of French designers & web marketers.
  • Ensures your site is up to date and optimized for SEO.
  • Unique visual editing allows your marketing team to edit
    content, images and pages with a few easy clicks.


Thrive in the hypercompetitive market place with a dynamic rate shopper. Are your room rates are accurate across all channels? How are your competitors pricing their room? Are you well positioned across all third party sales channels and online travel agents (OTA).

Key features

  • Respond to changes within your competitive set and market
  • Receive real-time rate change alerts
  • Monitor & maintain rate parity across multiple channels
  • Boost room revenues
  • Receive market intelligence on-demand online or through scheduled daily / weekly reports


Reach new customers, manage, monitor & exceed revenue targets per channel for your hotel property through a simple & intuitive solution. Its not just distribution, it is about driving incremental revenues by effectively engaging an increasingly broad spectrum of channels.

Key features

  • Optimized & intelligent inventory management, with allocation alerts and more
  • Flexible & simplified room / rate mapping, with real time
  • Easy, on-demand reporting that empowers you to take the
    right decision.
  • Connect your hotel to a multitude of local, regional & global demand generators i.e. OTAs, Meta Search, Hotel Wholesale companies and more
  • Intuitive dashboards, give you a consolidated view on your
    channel performance and distribution network.


Historical & current, data driven but intelligent, analytical but easy to use, a revenue management solution tailored to empower your business and grow both revenues & profitability.

Key features

  • Insightful analytics, tailored alerts, and an intuitive use interface
  • Forecasting & demand modeling applying industry leading
  • Real-time price recommendations delivered for you to take
  • Apply a demand or competition based strategic models for
    recommendations & more
  • Insightful reporting enabling you to take informed decisions.


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