An unbiased evaluation of a hotel project sets the foundation & Prepares you for success. Our program looks beyond the numbers to pre-identify key barriers to be navigated & highlight the big market opportunity. Reduce your exposure to market, industry or client challenges. Leverage on our industry insight and expertise in distribution, sales, marketing to secure your investment & prepare your hotel for the hypercompetitive market place.

Tailored services

  • Macro analysis of the country & location, infrastructure, connectivity, analysis of corporate, leisure, MICE, tours, conference market segments
  • Location analysis conducting a study of the project location and key influencers linked to the site.
  • Hotel market review to delve into a competitive landscape, identify key players, understand both current and future demand generators & channels to market.
  • SWOT Analysis of the market & project
  • Revenue modeling


Give your new hotel the right impetus from the very start. Our team of experts focus on your sales, distribution, branding & marketing communication needs, with a clear objective to give your properties the right positioning & ability to attract business from the get go. Pre-opening services include

Tailored services

  • Pre-opening sales representation and market engagement
  • Pricing
  • Market segmentation
  • Distribution channel management technology & strategy
  • Corporate, Travel agency, Tour Operator & Wholesaler Contracting
  • Organizational structure, recruitment support and sales training
  • Setting up the sales & marketing function, processes & procedures
  • Pre-launch campaign
  • Owner representation services
  • Technology advisory & sourcing


We empower independent hotel operators and distressed properties with industry expertise to overcome their challenges & effectively capitalize on their biggest opportunities, to become market leaders. Apply creative strategies tailored to your business realities. Boost revenues, increase yield, while actively engaging with customers & building closer ties with industry partners & key channels to market.

Tailored services

  • Translate sales strategies into an actionable sales activity plan by segment.
  • Grow direct bookings via your hotel website. Adopt our
    industry leading web platform to develop, manage & monitor your website activity.
  • Apply reputation management, to drive customer
    engagement & revenues
  • Solutions for channel management, price shopping, revenue
    management, analytics & reporting
  • Corporate, Travel agency, Tour Operator & Wholesaler Contracting
  • Digital & Social marketing


Engage, innovate & inspire your guests. Do you want to increase conversions & traffic via your hotel website & social media pages? Do you want to reduce your distribution costs? Would you like to effectively manage your hotels brand online through effective reputation management? Our consultants & suite of solutions empower your hotel to do just that.

Tailored services

  • Build your website with industry leading web technology that drives conversions and gives your full control.
  • Manage your brand via effective online reputation
  • Social media marketing campaigns that engage customers,
    attract traffic & boost revenues.
  • Search engine marketing & optimization
  • Booking engine

Sales Boost

Value based selling

Stop competing on price alone. Outperform your competitors through differentiation. Define & tailor your value proposition to match the needs of  your key customer segments.

Sales Planning

Bring your commercial strategy to life, by translating it to quantifiable activities. Translate your strategic sales goals to activity plans and effectively engage guests, industry partners and channels to market.

Empower your team

Enable your sales teams to effectively communicate your value proposition to the customer. Evolve your processes by adapting best practices to your business realities & market challenges. Restructure, train & re-focus your teams on your biggest opportunities.


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