DARE Discover, Assess, Recommend, Execute

This is process we apply in the discovery process for your unique business



Outperform the competition by successfully engaging new markets and building new partnerships. We act on your behalf and in accordance to your strategic preferences, thus being in the front line and ensuring that all your needs will be met. Our core business representation solutions include:

  • Market research
  • Acting on your behalf when dealing with customers and clients.
  • Representing your company to businesses, networking,
  • Partners and joint ventures associates.
  • Representing your products & solutions
  • Helping with product integration and pricing to fit the local markets.

Building Partnerships

Finding the right and credible business partner abroad can be difficult, time consuming & costly. Engage with Trendtelligent and leverage on our expertise and established regional network across Asia Pacific, to identify key players within the domain you seek. We guarantee quick, accurate & efficient information and pre-screened network or regional companies.

Key Player Analysis

Identify, engage & evaluate potential businesses for partnership or acquisition. Trendtelligent we apply an innovative & agile approach tailored to match your business priorities. Our key player analysis, digs deep into the competitive landscape with the view to give you a clear picture to support your investment decision.


Market entry is the foundation step that defines the engagement framework for a business. Working as a trusted partner Trendtelligent consultants work as a part of the market entry team from within the clients business. Putting your strategic objectives first, our team works towards complimenting your value proposition with our regional expertise and market understanding.


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