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build lasting partnerships, strengthen customer engagement & boost revenues. Trendtelligent is a consulting & technology provider with a difference. Driven by the will to things differently we encourage our clients to be bold, apply fresh new approaches & embrace the right technology to lead the trend.

We are hoteliers, distribution experts, tech guru’s, market analysts, project managers, web-marketers, industry thought leaders and more. Intimately familiar with the challenges, opportunities & dillema’s presented by the fast evolving hospitality & travel sectors. Uniquely positioned we serve clients as a single point, to effectively navigate a fragmented technology & hypercompetitive business landscape.

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Trendtelligent activities and engagements are driven by the core values of Innovation, Excellence, Integrity & Partnership. Our core values drive our passion & commitment to creating client success, which is our only measure of accomplishment.


Driven by the spirit of innovation & the will to things differently. Our approach is to look beyond applied models and tailor solutions unique to our client needs & competitive landscape. We encourage our clients to be bold & daring, applying fresh new approaches to lead the trend, be Trendtelligent and lead the wave.


Optimize your online distribution, effectively drive traffic to your hotel website, boost sales, build your brand & grow client engagement via effectively managing your online reputation. Invest in technology that drives revenue growth.


Differentiate your value proposition to match the needs of today’s traveller. Achieve growth inspired by innovative new approaches to upsell, cross-sell & effectively manage your customers / suppliers. Identify & implement technology solutions that boost revenues.


Assess key players, identify partners, know the barriers to entry & quantify the addressable market. Navigate new markets & customer segments with an unbiased, pragmatic & thorough assessment to support your strategic decisions.


The right technology will set you free. Embrace technology that simplifies, evolves and is built to support your business objectives. We invite you to explore our suite of industry leading solutions that are designed around your business

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